Jim Iyke Met Face to Face with the Lord


An evil spirit which has been tormenting our dear Jim could not stand the Lord of host at Prophet T.B. Joshua ‘s
Synagogue Church of All Nations.

Jim made a surprise appearance in The SCOAN, entered quietly and unannounced he kept up a low profile. Joining worshippers from around the world as they
listened to the inspiring message from renowned Prophet
T.B. Joshua. Like a sudden sound of a gun shot, overflow congregations shouted in surprise as they began
to witness the deliverance of a man they were all too
familiar with.
The evil spirit that had tormented the life of Jim Iyke for
so many years began to manifest, confessing that it was
the cause of Iyke’s setback and disappointment. It
confessed that it was the reason he could never marry,
stating that it would not allow him to love anyone. It
continued confessing that Iyke was the biggest and that it
was only God’s grace that had kept him. As the evil spirit
inside him struggled to attack the Wise Man, the
supremacy of the Holy Spirit continued to overpower it.
The deliverance continued but the battle was not against
flesh and blood; it was against the spiritual entities that
had been causing crisis in his life, family, health, career
and future. Yes! We wrestle not against flesh and blood.
To the jubilation of the congregation, the name of Jesus
Christ prevailed over the evil spirit and Jim Iyke received
his freedom. Overwhelmed with what had just happened,
Iyke immediately knelt in God’s presence, appreciating His
Creator for his miraculous deliverance.
The humility demonstrated by Jim Iyke in submitting
himself to the power of God should prompt others in his
industry to make the same life-saving choice.
This seems to be a positive.
                     Praise the Lord.


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