Rihanna and Teyana Taylor in twitter combat

The two women engaged in a speech combat that set their twitter accounts on fire. They began sniping at each other

after Rihanna posted a video mocking the rising singer on her istagram .com page
Taylor recently uploaded a video of herself singing cover of Anita Baker’s caught up in the Rapture
Taylor wrote on her tweeter page; Don’t play wit me Rihanna. F–K. all this industry s–t .  You and I know each other very well. Thrrowing sub 4 wat? ..
Before Rihanna could reply her legion of fan had helped out a little seeing her action as a major offense.

She however tweeted that y all could bully everybody else and get away wit that sh–t but sh–t ain’t one work ova her so y all could miss me with that Navy sh–t

Rihanna finally replied with a rather nasty and what seems to be a polite insult.
You will Not get an @ from me! Not till you pay me . No more free promo I refuse


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